Cutting, Polishing & Installation

With all our cutting and polishing machinery, and our stone warehouse right here on the premises, we have the ability to select, manufacture and install your stonework from start to finish. For example, in the case of a kitchen benchtop, once your cabinets have been installed we will send out our site measurer to measure your stonework. They will explain any options and the installation process, and assist to provide a detailed request for manufacture.  You can also come out to our showroom and select and reserve the individual piece of natural stone you would like to use. We then cut and polish the stone onsite in our factory and deliver the finished product for our installers to fit at your premises. Our installers are highly trained in working with stone, and will ensure you are happy with the final installation. After installation care information, and future service can also be provided.

It is sometimes hard to believe that the beautiful polished natural stone used for your project, was initially cut from the rough block as seen here on the Block Cutter.

Constant checking of the manufacturing process, as here on the Slab Polisher, ensures that all natural stone products supplied by EMG are of a consistently high standard, and ready for installation by our experts.

With the latest in computer driven, laser guided machinery such as this Bridge Saw, EMG can manufacture natural stone products to extremely high levels of accuracy.

Edge Profiles

As all stone is cut and polished in the factory at EMG, we can custom cut any edge profile desired by our clients. Below is a sample of the more popular profiles available.

Tile Sizes

Our 20mm slabs are cut into tiles on the premises at EMG, and can be cut to any sizes required. However, most tradesmen prefer to work with standard sizes, so below is a selection of the usual sizes we cut our tiles to. Other tile thicknesses (ie 10mm, 12mm etc) are pre-manufactured in Australia or imported from overseas.